Public offer

  1. LLC "LEAN TRADE SOLUTIONS" (hereinafter referred to as "LEBAZAR") hereby provides the persons accepting this offer by performing the actions specified below, services to provide infrastructure for placing orders for Goods on the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement").
  2. This document is a public offer and contains a proposal to conclude an agreement on the provision of infrastructure services for placing orders for Goods on the website .
    • LEBAZAR is the copyright holder of the LEBAZAR System, providing infrastructure services for posting information of the SUPPLIER (about goods) and USERS (orders) on the website
    • Agent / Shopper - a person who accepts USERS' orders through the ShopperApp application , places an order at the supplier's store and delivers goods to the USER, receiving USERS' funds for the delivery of the Goods.
    • Supplier - a legal entity that places information about the goods sold through the LEBAZAR.supplier Application on the website .
    • USER - a person who places his orders through the website, who has accepted the terms of this public offer.
    • The LEBAZAR system is a software and hardware complex that provides information and technological interaction between the SUPPLIER, the USER and the Shopper.
    • Goods - goods that are the property of the Supplier, the list of which is indicated by the SUPPLIER on the website ;
    • Order - an electronic application generated on the website , containing the buyer's ID, list, quantity, price of goods and other data;
    • Receipt - a document printed by the Supplier and issued after payment for the Goods;
    • Plastic bank card - a personalized means of payment issued by a bank, certifying the presence of an account of the cardholder in the relevant bank, and giving the right to make a payment without paying in cash.
    • Acceptance - the response of the person to whom the offer is addressed, about its acceptance;
    • Offer - an offer addressed to one person, several specific persons or an indefinite circle of persons, containing all the essential terms of the contract, from which the will of the person making the offer (offer) is seen to conclude an agreement on the conditions specified in the offer with anyone who responds;
    • Delivery - courier services for the delivery of the Order to the USER.
    • Notice - information, including advertising content.
      The Program Rules can be changed by the Operator at any time unilaterally by notifying the Participants at least 30 (thirty) days before the date of changing the terms of the program.
      The Operator, at its option, has the right to inform the Participants:
        • by posting notifications/information on the Lebazar website, Lebazar telegram channel/bot, on the Lebazar app,
        • oby phone call and/or sending an e-mail, e-mail or in any other way provided by the Program Rules.

    • The agreement determines the procedure for placing an order by the USER on the website . and is a public offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) addressed to an indefinite circle of persons.
    • The acceptance of this offer is the placement of an order by the USER of the Goods on the website
    • Goods ordered through the website are not subject to promotions for the return of Goods that were purchased at a price higher than indicated in the Supplier's store.

    • When placing an Order, the USER indicates the following information:
      1. surname, name, patronymic; actual address of delivery of the Goods;
      2. contact number;
      3. name of the Goods, article number, brand, variety, number of items included in the package of the purchased goods, price of the goods;
      4. additional information at the discretion of the USER.
    • LEBAZAR is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when placing the Order.
    • The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided when placing the Order.
    • Placing an order by the USER of the Goods on the website means the Buyer's consent to the terms of the Public Offer.
      1. All information materials presented on are for reference only and cannot fully convey reliable information about certain properties and characteristics of the Goods. If the USER has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, he/she should consult the supplier before placing the Order.
      2. The buyer has the right to edit the registration information about himself.
    • Minimum order amount 50.000 sum. The minimum order amount may be increased at the discretion of the service provider.

    • After placing an order, the assemblers who are in the store collect the order, check the goods for the integrity of the packaging, the freshness and quality of the products.
    • In cases where the required product is not on the shelves, the assembler calls the user/buyer to notify and select a replacement. If the user/buyer does not respond to a call or message from the picker within 20 minutes, the picker has the right to replace the product and place an order. Due to the fact that meat products are prepared in advance by the butcher, the assembler will choose a piece with the closest weight in accordance with the order.
    • After that, the assembler collects the products in thermal bags and hands them over to the courier-driver.

    • Payment for the Goods is carried out by bank transfer or in cash.
    • Non-cash payments are made exclusively in the following ways:
      1. by transferring funds from a bank plastic card, the amount of the ordered goods by freezing through the USER's personal account in the LEBAZAR System;
      2. through the system of retail payments (online payment);
    • The total cost of the Order is reported to the USER at the time of confirmation of the Order on the website
    • The prices for the Goods and the cost of delivery indicated on the website can be changed by the SUPPLIER unilaterally without notifying the USER.
    • The prices indicated on the website may not match the prices on the Supplier's shelf. In such cases, the last and correct price for the delivery of goods is the price indicated on the shelf of the Supplier (supermarket) and indicated on the check, and the amount indicated on the check will be deducted from the bank plastic card, freeing the frozen funds.
    • Payment for the order must be made by the USER by transferring 100% of the cost of the Order, using the methods specified in this offer, immediately after the confirmation of the order. When paying in cash, payment is made by the Client to the Agent.
    • The return of the USER's funds is carried out if the refusal is justified, i.e.,
      1. incomplete delivery of the Goods;
      2. delivery of the Goods not specified in the order;
      3. a low-quality Goods was delivered, the quality of which deteriorated during the delivery process.
      4. in other cases stipulated by the contract.
    • The term for the return of funds within 10 working days from the date of refusal of the Goods by transferring funds to a plastic bank card from which payment was made by the Supplier if the order was canceled completely.

    • Delivery of goods is carried out in the cities of Tashkent.
    • The delivery time of the Goods is indicated in the Client's Personal Account after payment for the Goods.
    • LEBAZAR services for delivery is at least 15,000 soums in the city of Tashkent.
    • If the weight of the goods on the order exceeds 20 kg. for each subsequent kilogram 650 soums are added.
    • If the Buyer refuses the order or part of it at the time of delivery, the Buyer pays for the cost of delivery and return of the order to the store, except for cases when, during the acceptance of the goods, it turns out that, through the fault of the Agent, the goods were delivered to the Client in an improper quantity, assortment or completeness.
    • The obligation of LEBAZAR to transfer the goods to the Buyer is considered fulfilled at the moment the Agent delivers the goods to the Client.
    • Upon receipt of the Order, the Client is obliged to inspect the Goods for compliance with the declared quantity, assortment and completeness of the Goods, as well as check the expiration date of the Goods for goods with a limited shelf life.
    • Consideration of claims. The delivered Goods are transferred to the Buyer, and in the absence of the Buyer - to any person who presented or indicated by the Buyer as the Recipient of the Order. When transferring the Goods, the Courier, in order to prevent cases of fraud, has the right to require documents proving the identity of the recipient.
    • The ownership of the Goods, as well as the risk of its accidental loss or damage, passes to the Buyer from the moment the Goods and the check are transferred to him. The order is considered delivered at the moment of transfer of the Goods and the check to the Buyer. By accepting the Goods , the Buyer confirms the execution of the Order.
    • During a period of high demand, goods may arrive with a delay of up to 7 days. This happens because the service does not have time to cope with the flow of orders.

      • LABAZAR is not responsible for:
      • for the quality of communication of telecommunications networks, as well as for delays and failures in the provision of telecommunications services that arose through no fault of LEBAZAR.
      • for downtime and interruptions in the process of providing the Service related to failures in telecommunication services supplied (provided) by LEBAZAR and the USER by third parties.
      • if the user provided false information
      • for the inadequate quality of data from cartographic services ( Yandex.Maps , Google.Maps , 2GIS) used to locate the client, and the delay in delivery associated with this
      • if the inadequate quality of LEBAZAR services has arisen as a result of improper fulfillment of the conditions of the offer by the Client.
      • for any losses caused to the USER for any reason, including as a result of using or inability to use the Service, or incurred as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions in work, changes in functions, defects, delays in the operation of the LEBAZAR System during data transmission, etc. P.
      • regarding any (temporary and/or partial) disruption, interruption, interruption or unavailability of the LEBAZAR System that occurred through no fault of LEBAZAR.
      • for damages incurred by the USER in connection with the disclosure by the USER of the password, ID, other information.
      • for violation of the terms of delivery in the event that the USER provides false data about himself when placing the Order.
      • for improper use by the USER of the Goods ordered through the website
      • LEBAZAR reserves the right to refuse the USER to place a new Order in case of refusal to receive the Products ordered earlier more than three times, which amounts to an abuse of the right or violated the provisions of this offer.
      • LEBAZAR reserves the right to refuse the USER to place a new Order in case of creating multiple profiles and using discounts on products and shipping for new customers.
      • LEBAZAR reserves the right to refuse the USER to place a new Order if the product is purchased not for personal use, but for resale.
      • LEBAZAR reserves the right to refuse to provide services to any USER with an immediate refund if they have already been paid, in case it considers that it is not able to provide them in a timely and high-quality manner.
      • The USER is solely responsible for the content and accuracy of the data provided.
      • The Parties shall not be liable for failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under this Agreement if such failure is caused by force majeure circumstances (force majeure) beyond the control of the Parties, in particular: natural disasters, technical failures, fires, riots, revolutions, hostilities , quarantine announcements or other disasters occurring in areas officially recognized as being affected by the above circumstances.
      • All disputes arising in the process of execution of the Agreement will be preliminarily considered by the Parties to the Agreement through negotiations.
      • In case of failure to reach an agreement, disputes will be considered in the manner established by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
      • In everything that is not provided for by this agreement, the Parties to the Agreement are guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    • LEBAZAR undertakes to ensure the security of personal data about the USER in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and not to disclose to third parties that are not related to the execution of the Agreement, USER data without observing the appropriate confidentiality regime.
    • In order to conclude the Agreement on the terms of this Offer, as well as for the proper execution of the concluded Agreement by LEBAZAR, the USER consents to LEBAZAR, as well as to persons authorized by LEBAZAR, to process their personal data. LEBAZAR undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of personal data.
    • The USER is aware of and agrees that in order to conclude and execute the Agreement, the USER's personal data may be transferred to LEBAZAR on a confidential basis to courier services and suppliers.
    • LEBAZAR has the right to record telephone conversations with the Buyer.

    • All textual information and graphic images posted on the LEBAZAR Website are the property of LEBAZAR. The use by any third parties of such information and / or images without the consent of LEBAZAR is a violation of the rights of LEBAZAR and may entail liability under the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    12.1. The relations between the Buyer and LEBAZAR not regulated by this Agreement shall be subject to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    12.2. The USER consents to the processing by LEBAZAR of personal data specified by the BUYER when registering as a BUYER in the LEBAZAR system, including the performance by LEBAZAR of actions provided for by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Personal Data”.
    12.3. In the event that the USER has questions and claims against LEBAZAR, he can declare them in one of the following ways:
      • call the LEBAZAR hotline 71 200 11 12;
      • in writing by mail to the following LEBAZAR address: 100115, Tashkent city, Chilanzar district, 1st Quarter, house No. 6.
      • send an email to LEBAZAR:
    12.4. LEBAZAR has the right to amend the terms of this Offer at any time by posting the text of this Offer in a new edition on the Website Changes come into force for USERS and third parties from the date of posting the text of the Offer in a new edition on the Website LEBAZAR or the date specified in the Offer.
    12.5. All taxes, other obligatory payments from the income from the delivery of the Goods are paid by the Agent independently. LEBAZAR is not responsible for the Agent's failure to pay taxes and other obligatory payments.
    12.6. After registering, the User expresses his consent to the terms of this Agreement, undertakes to comply with them and authorizes LEBAZAR, as well as on his behalf to third parties to process all personal data written during and after registration (including Payment Credentials, cell phone number , full name, registration data, loyalty cards, etc.), including their collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification and other use, depersonalization and destruction of personal data within the framework and purposes of implementing this Agreement and related to the possibility of providing information about goods and services, points and special prices for goods and services of LEBAZAR and its partners/third parties.
    12.7. The section of the site "Payment and services LEBAZAR " is an integral part of the offer.