Questions and answers

How much it costs to deliver, where we deliver, how to pay

Delivery costs 15,000 soums. Brought to the time you specified when placing the order. In orders over 20 kg payment is increased by 650 soum for an additional kilo. In cash upon receipt of order. Online payment by UZCARD, HUMO, PayMe, CLICK, VISA or MasterCard on the website when placing an order.

How to transfer or cancel the order?

You can cancel your order in the section "My Orders" []. If you have any questions related to order delivery, please contact the support chat on the website or by phone +998 71 200-11-12.

What happens to my order after it is placed on the site?

After placing an order, the collectors who are in the store, collect the order according to our quality criteria. At Lebazar, the assemblers receive special training - they check the goods for packaging integrity, freshness and quality.

Sometimes we face the inevitability of product realities: the necessary product may simply not be on the shelves. This is due to the fact that at the moment of choosing a product it is still physically in the store, but perhaps in someone's cart and not punctured at the cash register. If this happens, the shopper will call and ask what to do: do not take the product or pick a replacement. We can't guarantee to bring you the exact weight of meat products, as they are prepared by the butcher. Your personal shopper will pick the closest piece of meat according to your order.

After the shopper collects products in thermo bags and passes them to the courier-driver - heat or cold will not spoil the quality of products.

The categories of products that can/can not be returned.

If a product does not meet Lebazar's quality standards - crumpled, broken packaging, discoloured or has a shelf life of less than 5% of its maximum - you can return such product. Regardless of its category.

Refundancy terms and conditions.

If you believe that you have been brought in goods of improper quality, you may refuse and not pay for them. If you have already paid for the order and the courier has left, you can return the goods at any office

If you paid for the order online, with a refund after contacting the office, contact us by any convenient means: by phone +998 71 200-11-12 or by mail We provide a refund within 24 hours. The period of money crediting depends on your bank and takes from 1 to 7 working days.

Where can I get a refund?

We make a refund after the courier has left, in any nearest shop The addresses of the stores are (working every day 08:00 - 01:00). Tashkent, Navoi Street, C4, 11B. 2 A.Hodjaeva Street, Takshent. Tashkent, Lutfkor str. Other addresses under the link

Where do I call if I have any more questions?

+998 71 200-11-12; telegram: @lebazarsupport