Personal data processing and protection policy

Processing conditions:

  • PD processing is carried out in compliance with the principles and rules provided for by regulatory legal acts in the field of PD
  • PD processing is carried out with the consent of the PD subject or without such consent in cases provided for by federal law
  • Recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, extraction of PD of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan when collecting PD are carried out using databases located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, unless otherwise provided by law
  • Cross-border transfer of PD is carried out only after the collection of PD on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with the law.

Processing principles:

  • Observance of the rights of PD subjects when processing their PD
  • Carrying out PD processing on a legal and fair basis in order to achieve the purposes of their processing
  • Avoiding the processing of personal data that: do not meet the purposes of processing, are redundant or are contained in databases, the processing purposes of which are incompatible
  • Storing PD in a form that allows you to determine the subject of PD, no longer than required by the purpose of PD processing

Ways to achieve the goal:

  • Ensuring the security of PD information systems from the impact of actual threats to PD security, taking into account the assessment of harm to PD subjects
  • Systematic monitoring of the compliance of PD processing with legal requirements and local regulations
  • Carrying out activities to inform and train personnel in the rules for processing and protecting personal data
  • Inevitability of liability for violation of this Policy.